Once the look and feel of the Web site is defined, HTML templates are created based on the final design specifications and any Flash or DHTML programming is initiated. Flash and DHTML are used for visual impact and to foster an enhanced user experience that cannot be accomplished by pure HTML alone. The use of these interactive elements are up to the discretion of the client and the design team.

Once the HTML templates are built, they are plugged into our content management system, Cosmos to deliver the site's content.

The page templates are designed specifically for the content they will hold and include areas for site navigation, text, images, photos, links, and necessary forms. The content contained in these templates is maintained and managed by the administration site.

The designers and programmers work closely together to build a site that integrates the design and functionality. During the build phase of the site, issues and concerns relative to the project are communicated back to the client as they surface. The level of collaboration between Scully Interactive and the client is consistent throughout the life of the project, assuring efficient use of development resources.

Plan > Prototype > Build > Administer

Our Development Process

Strategic Planning
The steps taken to define the project requirements and prioritize the objectives.

Design Screen Prototypes
Designing the look and feel of the site.

Bringing design and functionality together.

Managing Web site content near and long term.


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